• Passionate about how watches work and getting them to work
  • See it as a lifelong skill and career
  • No minimum education or skills required

The following characters are good to have when you start and a must when you want to graduate as a watchmaker

  • Diligent
  • Meticulous
  • Patient
  • Strong work ethics

If you are not sure if you have the above traits, its ok as we will instill and train you towards our direction.

However, if you know you have the opposite traits, please do not apply as you will be asked to leave once you exhibit dishonest behavior or act with ill-intent.  

Who need not apply


  • Passionate about watches because they like watches
  • See it as a hobby or something to try
  • Parents asked to try


Client Advisor



The journey

We are watchmakers specialising in SAV of Swiss made watches. The journey of apprenticeship begins with learning the basics of watches, from outside to inside and ends in receiving education in Swiss training institute and factories or production facilities in Switzerland. Apprentice will then be required to take exams in Switzerland to get certified as Swiss watchmaker. The journey takes 3-5 years before going to Switzerland for training and as long 10 years to become a Swiss certified watchmaker.

We aim to build a strong foundation for every aspiring watchmaker so that they can be independent in their course of career and be able to troubleshoot accurately and precisely when they are ready to work on clients' watches.

The skills and knowledge acquired stays with the apprentice for life and this is a lifelong career. In the last 30 years of SAV watchmaking in Singapore, there has been not a single case of retrenchment that we know of so there is no worry of losing your job no matter how bad times are. If you look around authorised service centres, the technicians are either very old or very young. Most will work until retirement and its a career we are fortunate to pursue.

Those who dream of making or building a watch and then progress to produce a watch need not apply, as we are not production watchmakers.