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We are in the business of providing SAV, or Service Après-Vente as they called it in French, for Swiss made watches - specifically high end Swiss made high jewelry timepieces and luxury watches since 2002. It has been our focus since we started 17 years ago when we entered the luxury watch business and is the only thing we do from 2010 till present and we continue to strive to be the best in the SAV business.

We work with some of the biggest Swiss brands and also with new brands and independent watchmakers. And we welcome and enjoy working with anyone who needs high quality Swiss after-sales service.


  • Reliability - We have been in business since 2002 and being reliable is one of our key strength.
  • Transparency - We are open and transparent. Our accounts are available every quarter to our working partners for audit and available for a further 6 years under Singapore corporate law. 
  • Interest in creating success - We are in SAV for the long run - It is a marathon we want to keep running with our partners and we don't want to win without you. We want you to be successful with our SAV even if we don't make money initially.
  • Dynamic team - Always open to discussion and possibilities, we believe in communication to solving any problem. And we believe there is no problem we cannot solve unless your watch is not made on earth.

Our commitment to our partners

Full insurance coverage

We are the only independent watch service workshop in Singapore to be fully insured by jewellers' block insurance for our workshop and the goods we hold. This comprehensive coverage includes basics like fire, burgerly, theft etc. 

Special coverage can also be arranged for exceptionally high value pieces during its duration of repair.

And we are covered, inside and out. What it means is that your watches are safe with us inside our facility and equally safe if we were tasked to collect or deliver urgent repairs to the boutique or office. No other SAV centre can offer this most important but basic aspect of our business like us.

ISO certified and accredited

We are also the only SAV centre in Asia to be ISO certified and accredited, since 2010. Its almost an impossible task to get certified, not to mention accredited, due to the complexity of our business but we achieved it. And we maintain the certification till today.

SAV specialists team

We speak the language of Swiss SAV with our specialised SAV team. Communication with any Swiss factory is never a problem. 

  • Our Swiss certified watchmakers receive SAV training from many big brands and understand the importance of following the factory's requirement and instruction.

  • Our Swiss SAV relations specialist are able to solve any SAV related query from both the brands and customers in a professional and prompt manner.

  • Our Swiss SAV portal/logistic specialist understand both traditional ordering methods and modern internet portal systems. Ordering, logistic and stocking of parts can be fully handled by us if requested.

SWISSness and highest Swiss standard

From our equipment, instruments, tools and cleaning chemicals to coffee machine and Nespresso capsules, its Swiss made or Made in Switzerland. We respect Swissness and will ensure that only top Swiss made are used in the process of our SwissSAV. And of course, only Swiss made batteries and original manufacturers' parts go into your watches.

At SwissSAV, we use only what the Swiss manufacturers use and do what the Swiss manufacturers do, according to their standards and methodology. 

You  will find exactly the same TOP Swiss made tools, equipment and instruments, updated technical information, training manual and specific requirement in our workshop. Of course, original parts as supplied  or specified by brands.

Our SAV Partners for Training, Tools, Equipment & Instrument



BERGEON more than two centuries besides the ones who set themselves to master time La Chaux-de-Fonds




Our SAV Partners for Training, Tools,

NGL formulates manufactures and markets chemical products for the Swiss watch industry and Swiss SAV

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