Above and below are photos and examples of brands of timepieces we frequently authenticate and can be used as a reference to our experience.

We are not affiliated to, or an authorized agent for, any of the other timepiece manufacturers whose timepieces are featured here. 

Photos of timepieces' logo, hallmarks and trademarks shown in this website are taken from actual timepieces authenticated by us in-house and as reference to our experience. 

SwissSAV Authentication - Accurate, Consistant, Verifiable


Real or fake or both

Due to increasingly sophisticated methods of counterfeiting, fake watches or parts have become a very big problem for our industry. So big a problem that many authorised service centre has decided to stop providing the service of authentication. For two good reasons; 1) Most consumers will consider buying new watches from authorised stores if timepieces cannot be authenticated professionally. 2) Authorised service centres need not worry when their technicians will make a mistake and end up having to be responsible for them.

But the real problem is that real watches are being fitted with fake or aftermarket parts and this can adversely affect the value of a high value watch and it's resale or residual value.  Our job of authentication is to ensure the buyer or owner knows the true authenticity of the watch.

Buy a peace of mind

There is no concrete law to protect consumers from buying fake stuff. It is legal in Singapore to carry fake goods. It is only against the law when a person knowingly sells fake goods to another. However, to seek recourse after you paid the money and receive a fake watch  is often time consuming and stressful. Check before you pay is always the safest.

Many think that buying with boxes and certificates are safe and watch guarantee to be authentic. This is far from the truth. Second-hand shops and pawnshops are known to have been duped and passed the dubious goods to consumers on the pretext that the watch has got papers, service receipt or certificate.



Even watches with official service receipt can be fake. Just remember, you are buying the watch, and not the receipt or the certificate or the box. If the watch can be fake, so can the receipt, certificate and the boxes. 

Buying a watch based on papers are dangerous because the we have seen genuine receipt, papers from authorised service centre and even genuine certificate sold with fake watches. Just think a little deeper; can you can imagine a seller selling the original certificate (which he doesn't really need from his real watch) together with an identical fake , and keeping the real watch for himself less the certificate. Genuine certificates are readily available from eBay and other online platforms so check the watch and not the papers!

Authentication is a science and not gut-feel

The approach to authentication has long been about gut-feel, which is very dangerous and in-consistant. Many pawnshops and second-hand dealers lost big money these few years due to the traditional method of using gut-feel to authenticate a watch. Some cases involving chain pawnshops were reported on national newspaper and TV. However. our real concern are those cases that were not reported and swept under the carpet. 

Scientific methods of authentication we practise in Switzerland never caught up in Asia including Singapore. This might be due to the high initial cost of equipment and instruments needed to carry out the process and the long training at manufactures in Switzerland which is an expensive place to live. 

We are proud to be the first service centre in Asia to setup and adopt the Swiss methodology of authenticating watches. We have invested approximately S$250k to enable us to carry out the process using the Swiss way and studied and visited Swiss manufactures to acquire the knowledge of authentication using Swiss methodology.

The Process

When we authenticate a watch, we often need to open up the watch even if the watch has a see-through backcase, especially for Patek watches. This is because key details like the model and serial numbers are often engraved inside the backcase. which is why you never see a number on Patek's backcase. Also, most service history can be found on the inside of the backcase, which is why we need to open up the watch. 

For Rolex watches, authenticating their watches requires removing the bracelet most of the time. This is because depending on the production date, the model and serial numbers are found in between the lugs of the watch where the bracelet end-links fits into. Newer model have their serial numbers laser onto the chapter ring (inner flange) of the watch.

After we finish checking the watch, we need to fixed back the bracelet and close the backcase, followed by water-resistant test. 

We are currently the only service centre with the specific special tools to carry out the opening and closing of the backcase, removal of bracelet and other necessary procedure for most luxury Swiss made watches. We are also the only service centre to 100% check all watches we closed with original Swiss made water-resistant testing machine that the Swiss aftersales service approved.

It is important that the watch and its parts are handled carefully by an experienced watchmaker trained in authentication so that there is no damage to the watch or risk of any existing warranty being void by the manufacturer.

Checking of condition and other concerns

If the condition of the watch is a concern, you can request to have the condition of the watch assess for an additional fee on top of the fee for authentication. We will provide a digital print-out of the condition of the inner movement (for both quartz and mechanical) after we assess the condition and pass the results to you for record purposes. If you have other concerns or questions regarding the watch, you can also highlight it before we start the authentication so the answers can be provided during or after we authenticated the watch.

Fees and what to expect

The fees for authentication is S$150 (Rolex) and S$180 (Other brands). If you need the condition of the watch to be assessed with digital print-out from our timing instruments, the additional fee is S$50. 

The entire process is verbal except for the digital print-out from our timing instruments. NO written papers or letters are possible so please do not ask. This is because authenticity of the watch is guaranteed as long as nobody changes anything in it or on it. 

Professional conmen are know to have authentication carried out with a 100% real watch and changing parts of the watch or even the complete watch with fake one afterwards and selling the partially or completely watch to unsuspecting parties.

Appointment and pre-payment is required for authentication

Choose a time

Think of a timing for the authentication. Check with other parties involved if the timing is good. ​​Authentication Service strictly by appointment only, please respect timing and be punctual

Call to check timing

Call or WhatsApp +65 8363 9000 to check if the watchmaker is available. If available, make pre-payment via internet banking and the time slot is reserved for you. If no payment is received, authentication will not be possible even if watchmaker is available.

Come on time

Please come on time and try to be early. If you come later then the appointment time, it will eat into the time reserved for you. If you are more than 20 minutes late, the appointment is cancelled and no refund is possible.

Good To Know

Additional Information

  •  Authentication carried out by Swiss Certified watchmakers recognized by watch and insurance industry

  • Watches are opened and closed using proper tools and technique which does not void manufacturer's warranty
  • Watches are pressure tested after closing to ensure they are closed properly and maintain water-resistant properties
  • ​Additional test can be carried out to determined working condition of genuine watches

Currently providing authentication for the following organizations :

- Singapore Airport Police

- Singapore Police Division HQ

- Audit firms for listed Pawnbrokers

- Insurance underwriters 

For high jewelry watches or precious jewelry, additional checks may be requested by you and will carried out by our in-house gemologist with following qualification, and any additional charges will be communicate before we proceed.

  • GIA, HRD Graduate Gemologist
  • GIA, HRD diamond grader
  • IRAS Licensed Appraisal AD041-2008928H
  • Registered Master Valuer #22003

We provide authentication service for the Swiss luxury watch industry and offer our services to anyone who needs to know if their watch is authentic or not. We work on a scientific manner based on Swiss methodology which guarantees consistent and repeatable results every time. Customers are welcome to voice their concerns and we will address them accordingly and professionally. Condition of watches can also be checked at the same time as an additional request at a small fee. Water resistant check is always carried out as part of the authentication process at no charge. Report writing is not possible as with industry practice so please do not ask.